About Us

YES is an abbreviation for YOUNG | ENERGETIC | SOCIAL

YES: Yes is positivity; Yes is openness; Yes is acceptance. Saying Yes opens new doors in life & leads our

YOUNG: who live their life to the fullest & evolve with time

ENERGETIC: stay active, step forward, celebrate & SWOOSH

SOCIAL: all about society, people and their core responsibilities: VOICE


To become an iconic trendsetting and ever-evolving high-street fashion brand for the young generation by contemporizing tradition with the latest trends and turning it into an urban lifestyle; YES aims to highlight the prevalent issues in society and cater to them using the social element of the brand.


We strive to enable Millennials, Gen-z and all the generations to come to beware of, and to defy and tackle, stigmas and stereotypes that have been deeply embedded into our society. Whether it's style and fashion, daily life and social matters, or career development, everything that we do is to inspire and empower our girls and our women via forward-thinking fashion.

Business Model



As a design house, the product cycle originates from an artistic thought process and ensures that the aesthetic requirements are maintained. We are constantly adapting and setting cultural trends.


Will not go on the road of being unrealistic; the brand itself is approachable and we seek to develop a friendly consumer perception.


Dedicated to satisfying customers’ needs and demands by providing unique designs and offering high quality to build an army of loyal customers.


Being confident means that our personality should be attentive and aspirational, always demonstrating our knowledge of what our customers need right now and what they will require in the future.


We are here to stay for a very long time and that motivates us to continuously evolve in accordance with the demands and behavior of the consumers.